Future Design Trends In Apple IPhones

When the original iPhone was launched in 2007 it created a revolution in the mobile phone industry. People at that time were hungry for more advanced technology and any advancement was lapped up very fast. In one stroke the iPhone made all other smartphones obsolete and it compelled the competitors to bring about innovations in their own products. The prices of iPhone 3G and 3GS became cheaper and the iPhone 4 and 4S introduced the technology of Retina and Siri. Then again in a sweep of change, Apple introduced a taller and faster smartphone the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. These were literally the technology of the future and then came the even better iPhone 6 series, which was equipped with new hardware and provided 3D touch for a newer and more sensitive way of interaction.

Apple Monopoly

As a result of these smartphones and the recently launched iPhone 7, the company has achieved a complete monopoly over the market for smartphones. Although there are the usual pitfalls and some corporate wars due the patents and designs introduced by competitors, on the whole Apple is the king of the smartphone industry.

IPhones have such symmetry and functionality that is unmatched by any other smartphone in the market. Millions of users who use an iPhone will just not settle for anything else. The sale of smartphones is becoming faster with every new design and improved performance and versatility introduced by Apple. In fact, an iPhone is now considered to be a status symbol and is carried by corporate and business executives as a power accessory. If your first mobile phone is an iPhone it is considered to be a proud achievement by thousands of people all over the world.


Controversy Associated with IPhones

In spite of the astounding global success, iPhones and Apple have had their share of controversy and downsides. The iPhones have the 16GB capacity and this has attracted a lot of criticism because users say that 7GB is taken up by the apps and software and the user is left with much less capacity. At the same time, iPhone users cannot delete customised apps and that has also hurt the company’s image. However, Apple seems to have learned from their mistakes and are abandoning their smaller capacity devices. This is the reason that the recently introduced iPhone 7 range begins with 32GB.

Lack of storage is another bone of contention among the iPhone users. Apple is working hard to correct this problem at the earliest. It is quite possible that Apple iOS software will outgrow 16GB and hence the 32GB iPhone 7 series has been launched in the market to protect the company’s image.

However, in spite of all the controversy and downsides, iPhones still remain the best phones in the market.

Recent news

According to recent news, Apple is not likely to make too many changes in the design of its next iPhone. According to corporate announcements, the tech giant is changing their strategy of overhauling the iPhone every couple of years. Only subtle changes will be made in the next iPhone product which is generating different waves among iPhone lovers and the analysts both


Samsung Smartphone Or IPhone?

If you are in the market for a brand new smartphone, you are likely going to be choosing between an Android and an iOS. After all, these are the two market leaders. However, when it comes to Android phones, cell phone repair,  you have a lot to choose from. Whereas, with iOS, you are left with iPhone as the only option. While there are plenty of Android manufacturers to choose from, by far the biggest is Samsung. Thus, your choice might end up coming down to Samsung vs Apple. While the decision might be easy for some, there is no clear cut and definitive answer for most. Below, we will be going over some of the different reasons you might choose Samsung and some reasons you might choose iPhone.

Reasons To Choose Samsung:

1. Android.

The biggest reason you might opt for Samsung over Apple is due to the Android operating system and ecosystem. If you are already invested in the Android ecosystem, this is likely going to be one of the biggest reasons to go for a Samsung phone as they are typically said to be the best Android manufacturer. Another reason to opt for Android over iOS would be to be able to use Android and it’s much more open ecosystem rather than being closed in with iOS.

2. Expandable Memory.

Samsung has been a leader in the feature space when it comes to giving their customers expandable memory. This is why it was so shocking to see Samsung completely abandon it with their flagship device release. However, they have since gone back to providing their customers with the expandable storage they want and need. Therefore, it remains a plus in the Samsung department.

3. Screen.

There is simply no better screen on the market than what is featured in the Samsung S or Note series smartphones. You are not going to be able to find a better screen because Samsung is the primary manufacturer for Apple’s very own screens and they do not feature AMOLED screen technology yet. Thus, you are going to get the deepest blacks with a Samsung device and they also happen to be the leaders in curved screen technology as well.

Reasons To Choose iPhone:

1. iOS.

One of the biggest reasons you want to opt for an iPhone is because of its operating system. While the operating system itself might be more closed off compared to Android, some would say that it is a good thing. Afterall, it does offer much more security than Android because they closely monitor, analyze, and restrict what gets placed within the iTunes store. Along with this, you might choose to stick with iOS if you are someone that is already invested in the ecosystem whether it’s with iTunes purchases or through other devices that you own such as an Apple iPad.

2. Best Apps.

Another reason you might opt to go with an iPhone over a Samsung is that it features some of the best mobile applications available on the marketplace. Developers tend to develop for iPhone apps first and foremost because they make the most money from iOS apps.

Overall, your decision is likely going to come down to which operating system you prefer as the hardware differences are quickly going the wayside even if Samsung still holds the lead – for now.…